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It's raining souls tonight [entries|friends|calendar]

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in greece [
, August 5th 2004 | 12:08am
not much time but i'm in an internet cafe in greece. yeah it's pretty cool so far considering the weather is AMAZING while i heard Jersey is a bunch of crap. i have like on minute left on the card so ciao to all

Au Revoir [
, July 20th 2004 | 10:59am
[ mood | excited ]

So tonight I leave for Greece. It's pretty sad, and I'll miss everyone. Well, almost everyone >.<


Haha yesterday in the car ride home from golf lessons (don't ask) I was talking to my dad. Or, rather, he was talking to me about this story from a hunting trip of his. Then I was like "Can you teach me how to use your bb gun?" And he looked at me and started laughing. Well, last night he took me into the backyard and used this little lid from one of the buckets used to hold chlorine for the pool as a target. It was funny cause the scope thingy was off so if you aimed for the center it would go to the right a bit. And, words of wisdom from my father, "Never point a gun at anyone...unless you mean it."


Alright, dad.


mMmMm...chocolate [
, July 16th 2004 | 11:14am
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hershey park was yummy :)

I <3 chocolate and that was like, my second home. Chocolate world.
First we went on this "Chocolate Ride", then we went to "package hershey kisses" (those effers didn't let us keep them alkjfgd) and then we went to see a 3-d movie on chocolate. It was great cause instead of like, cartoon characters walking around it was giant chocolate bars. Yummy yum yum.

Haha then we went on a trolley. A singing trolley. I feel bad for those people. Oh well, they get money, right?

Yesterday was the theme park. Alex's mom hurt her knee so she was in an electric wheel chair the entire time which was cool because we didn't have to wait in line for ANYTHING. The bad thing is nobody liked upside-down rollercoasters, but oh well it was still fun. And I got a henna tatoo. And this is getting long.

***4 DAYS!***


woah.. [
, July 11th 2004 | 11:47am
[ mood | surprised ]

I just realized in about 9 days I'll be on a plane for 10 hours. (Going to Greece).
It'll only be me and my sister until sometime in August when my Mom flies in along with Nikoleta's best friend Alexis whoo!!

I'm going to be there for like, 28 days. By the end can you imagine how lonely I'll feel? Atleast Nikoleta has a friend. :o(

It's still really cool there and I love seeing the family. But when you have a lot of elders who always talk about how much you've grown and stories of when you were little, it gets old.

The plus side is I can sleep in all the time, go to the beach every day (mwahaha) and eat amazing food! Yay!



Cirque Du Soleil [
, July 10th 2004 | 12:49pm
[ mood | restless ]

Last night I went with Alex to see Cirque Du Soleil. You know, that acrobatic sort of circus, only much better and less smelly. So that was cool, and then I came home to my sister and her two friends watching The Iron Chef on the food network. Yeah, I don't know either. We ended up playing board games like Clue and Life until 1:30 in the morning. I guess I fell asleep around 2. I woke up at 9 though! Why can't I ever get a good night's sleep? My mom wants to take me to a specialist because of it. :0(


<3 Alexa


Great Adventure [
, July 7th 2004 | 9:46am
[ mood | lazy ]

Yesterday I woke up, along with my sister, at 7:30 in the morning. This time it wasn't for a doctors appointment. My cousin took us to Great Adventure. :0)

The lines were huge, as usual, so there weren't many choices for rides. I was first going to go on Scream Machine, but when we were the next in line for it the cart got stuck at the top before the drop, and the lady told us they had "technical difficulties". Yeah, right.

We went on this other thing, though. No clue what it's called. Then it was Congo Rapids, Batman, Log Flume, and Superman. SUPERMAN IS AWESOME. It was definitely worth the hour and a half wait. ^_^

I got to see my goddaughter, too. She's adorable.
So yesterday was fun, and I slept for about 11 hours because of it.

<3x Alexa


wow [
, July 4th 2004 | 10:30am
[ mood | depressed ]

I got tired of using my Lj for a while. Probably because I was busy.

Well, to sum it all up, Last weekend was the recital. It went by too fast.
I started to realize my knee was swelling up on Saturday. So, on Monday, my dad drove me to Somers Point for this doctor who was supposed to tell my what happened to my knee. We waited for an hour and a half, until finally he told me I had to get an MRI. That's basically this elaborate X-ray. On Tuesday my parents took me and Nikoleta to the Met for this art exhibit that was pretty boring. So after the day in NYC we came home and I slept.

Wednesday I went to get the MRI at FREAKIN 7 IN THE MORNING!
Meaning I had to wake up at 6! :o(
So now, finally, after the appointment on Thursday, I know that the cartilage in my knee is wearing away, resulting in all this liquid building up. That's why it's swelling.

Oh, and I can't do any softball or dance or anything that involves twisting my knee for the entire summer. It SUCKS.

<3 Alexa


wooooaaahh [
, June 20th 2004 | 8:51pm
[ mood | peaceful ]

Tournament highlights!

-"Alexa, where's your milkshake?" (That one takes the cake)

-Pablo and Umberto!!

-The waitress at the pizza place

-Car ride up with Jackie and Caitlyn

I love tournament memories, though it seems they usually don't have to do with softball...? Oh well :0)

<3 Pablo


boo boopy doo [
, June 17th 2004 | 5:00pm
[ mood | relieved ]

I'm at Meghan's house. Yay!

Last day of school FINALLY!! It was depressing leaving, though. Some people I won't get to see often.

:0) :0(

I'm going to let Meghan type something random now:


It's true..Meghan is just too cool for school. Meghan pops my toast! :0)

goodbye, all. <3


crunchatize me, cap'n [
, June 12th 2004 | 5:37pm
[ mood | energetic ]

I have one crazy family.

My cousin had a graduation/engagement party last night.
They played greek music and my aunts and uncles started to dance.
The non-greeks must've thought we were crazy. Or atleast on the verge of it.

I feel bad for my sister. Quote, "It would've been easier to grab the microphone and say 'yes, college is good. My family is doing fine. I have grown, and I do look like my mother.'"

I just got funny looks since I was wearing all this makeup. I came straight from dance pictures. yuck.

This is getting too long.


I could still be ruthless if you let me.. [
, June 7th 2004 | 10:24am
[ mood | refreshed ]

So yesterday there were 5 Tigers games. We almost got to the championship!
Oh well. I got to stay home today anyway. ^_^

I'm waiting for my sister to get back from wherever she is so we can go shopping. We need dresses for my cousin's graduation party. Fun.

I woke up to the end of what would be 3rd period and I heard the bell ring. HAHA TO ALL OF YOU IN SCHOOL (I would've been in math at that time). :0)

Well I'm going to go eat something. I'm starrrrving. aelgjad;lfj

<3 Alexa


whoot whoot [
, May 31st 2004 | 4:01pm
[ mood | geeky ]

Everybody say Hi to Alex cause she's sitting in my chair.
Julie is here too but she's in the kitchen.
It's Memorial Day! And it's raining! =\

We went in the pool.
A) It was just filled, so the water is freezing
B) It's cold and wet outside
C) We could see our breath

It was so cool! Alex only went in once. Julie was a trooper and stuck with me. I was the first one in and the last one out. ^_^

Well now we're going to go do whatever. Tara and Small Fry are coming sometime.



Burp Babe! [
, May 28th 2004 | 10:08pm
[ mood | happy ]

I <3 Tara's party today! I hung out with Celeste and Julie and Max mostly. We are now known as Ketsup Kid, Small Fry, FunnelFace, and Burp Babe.

The waterslides were cool. We got to go down the black slide ;) And there was the cancer ride. We saw some familiar people there ((wink wink))

I just hope we can do this again in the summer.

Ciao :0)


Bleeeeeeeeed [
, May 22nd 2004 | 6:13pm
[ mood | exhausted ]

You know it's getting bad when you just bend your knee and it cracks...


Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. [
, May 19th 2004 | 4:29pm
[ mood | blah ]

Tara's over right now. :0)

She says hi to anyone who reads this.

Guess what I just found out!
She's sleeping over on Thursday and we're going to school together Friday!

I actually have someone to talk to while walking down my driveway. Usually I just talk to myself...yeah I don't have any friends =(


Au Revior


I think I need to puke... [
, May 16th 2004 | 2:52pm
[ mood | nauseated ]

I've been thinking alot lately. About what, I don't exactly know, but I just know it's unusual.

Right now my stomache hurts beyond belief. I really think I'm going to throw up all over this computer screen, but I'm bored and there's nothing better to do. :o(

When my mom picked me up from Alex's earlier, she stopped by Infererra's (I'm not a good speller)for pepperoni bread and such. I stayed in the car, and as I was in a big daze I hear someone beeping at me. When I looked I saw it was Tara and her dad.
It's always fun to see Tara :0) I rolled down the window and she was talking to me..and this old guy walked past her and was like "Oh I see you're ready for summer" which was really random and we started laughing.

Okay, there's nothing else to write. Ciao, Roma. :0)


Ten minutes to downtown is ten minutes too far... [
, May 15th 2004 | 10:52am
[ mood | bored ]

I finally got to sleep in today! Not that sleeping until 9:30 is much...but its better than before. I was getting up before 7 every day for two weeks straight. Not fun.

I'm such a dork. I'm updating my journal at 11 in the morning. I don't have a life.

Tonight I'm sleeping over Alex's house ((yay!))

Haven't been there in a long time. We want to rent some stupid movie like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. :0)

I think I'll go do something. Make myself useful.


Thwack! [
, May 12th 2004 | 8:50pm
[ mood | cold ]

Softball game today: 1 triple, two doubles, one single. We won 18-8 =)

Now my shoulder hurts and I don't know why. Oh well.

All day today it was sweltering hot and I was dying for air conditioning. Now I'm freezing.

Yeah this is going nowhere because I have no life. =(


Oh yeah, and I promised I'd do this:

I must make this journal cool! ALEX ---now it's cool.


Blame it on the black star... [
, May 11th 2004 | 6:20pm
[ mood | mischievous ]

MmMmMm...pink starburst. It's the only color I like. I'll occasionally have orange or red, though...

Ok enough with that

I haven't slept in for about a week and a half, and it shows. Just about everyone today asked "Are you alright?" And I replied "Yeah, just tired." :0(

It was a muggy day. I don't like humidity. That's why I'd rather live on the west coast where there's more deserts. I can't wait until I go to Greece this summer (perfect weather)


The Real Deal [
, May 9th 2004 | 9:16pm
[ mood | sore ]

This weekend was just full of softball. My first Tigers tourni!

We didn't do so hot, but that's ok. I had fun.


-Gopher running through the field in the middle of the first game (chased out by ump)

-Demonic child chasing me, Jackie, and Caitlyn

-Arianna and I doing "boom boom chang chang boom chang"

-"Travel Scrabble" with Jackie in the car ride


Oh, and my new nickname is Spider, thanks to Krystal. :0)

I'm so tired.



*Spider ^_^


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